The four heating zones allow the control of the heating medium flow, as well as of the inlet temperatures independently. The recirculating convective heating medium is directed in a way that the coffee to be roasted will form a genuine fluidized bed: the NEPRO VORTEX® Fluidat
A high heat transfer rate results in lower temperatures (220-270C, 430-520F) and shorter roasting times. Thermal destruction of valuable antioxydants and volatiles is prevented resulting in an extended product shelf-life and delicious cup quality of your connoisseur coffee.
The conveying speed of the roasting compartments controls the roasting time. Change of green coffee, blends or degree of roasts can be performed without interrupting the production. Losses by under- or overroasted coffee during start or stop of the roaster will be avoided. There is no physical damage to the coffee beans by breakage since there are no mechanical means such as agitators for conveying or mixing.