The NEPRO VORTEX® Fluidat Roaster design prevents the loss of small particles, whereas chaff and dust are separated and removed from the roast product.
The convective heating medium is recirculated so that an oxygen reduced atmosphere is achieved with a high heat transfer rate. Ambient air, rich in oxygen, is not admitted for temperature control. An even flow of effluent is directed to the catalytic or thermal afterburner system, and then released to the atmosphere.
The selection of parameters for a so called "Profile Roasting" allows an efficient control of any desired bulk density and moisture content of the final product. Video cameras monitor the roasting process. The NEPRO VORTEX® Fluidat Roasting Plants are also equipped with large inspection doors for easy service access and cleaning. All parts of the roaster which come in contact with the product during roasting are made of high quality stainless steel.

Click here to see a video of the roasting process.